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Capabilities:      DRY HERB + Wax Illustration WAX  

The NECTAR Gold dry herb vaporizer has been designed from the ground up to offer an exceptionally flavoursome vaping experience. It can be used with dry herb or wax/resin which can now be made using our DIY Rosin Press, the Nectar Pollen Press Starter Kit. For more information on rosin presses click here.

The tastefully crafted rotating replaceable mouthpiece allows you to tuck it away keeping your vaporiser looking slick whilst maintaining a top level of hygiene. This also means you no longer need to worry about snapping or carrying a fragile mouthpiece whilst on the move.

Technical Attributes:

  • 0 to 180°C:                     15 Seconds
  • Max Temp:                      240C
  • Battery:                           3500mAh (20A)
  • Heating Chamber:        Ceramic
  • Airflow:                           Isolated
  • Charge (0-100%):        2 hours
  • Weight:                         135g
  • Portability:                    11cm x 3.7cm x 2.3cm
  • Guarantee:                     12-Months (Extendable)

The NECTAR Gold comes with everything you need to get going and comes with a standard accessories pack which includes a concentrate pad, cleaning and picking tools and a filter kit. We even have comprehensive videos on how to use the Nectar Gold and how to clean it on our support page (just click on the FAQ drop downs to see the videos).

33 in stock

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Take It Everywhere

Designed to be portable without needlessly screaming for attention. It’s a light and deceivingly powerful device that can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Precision at it’s Best

There’s more than one purpose hence there’s more than one temperature. Select a temperature between 140C and 240C in increments of 1C to activate itemised compounds within your chosen constituents.

Simple Yet Smart

A slick yet simple design consisting of temperature up and down buttons, you can easily choose your preferred temperature – allowing you to activate itemised compounds without releasing carcinogens.


95% of people keep their NECTAR device, but just in case…
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service

109 reviews for NECTAR Gold Vaporizer

  1. A. K. Brechin

    Have moved over to this as I was keen to stop using pipes/inhaling smoke. I’m impressed with the quality, it has a good weighty feel and appears to be very well made. The included accessories are also good quality. It’s a different experience but for the sake of my throat and health, I’m looking forward to getting into this.

  2. Jack M

    Since ive quit smoking 7 years ago i’ve always tried to avoid having anything with tobacco in. With this little thing its been fantastic. I never thought it would be a good replacement but to be honest, i wouldnt want to go back.

    Easy to use and clean, comes with plently of accessories and its just convenient and discreet.

    Battery has lasted me 8 x 5min sessions and i’m happy with that!

  3. Samantha Vickers

    It arrived very fast as I got it through prime next day delivery. First impressions: it’s really robust and solid, easy to handle , it’s also smaller than I imagined. Overall: really good find and it does what it says on the tin !

  4. RP

    Having bought one of those cheaper £30 vaporisers which I had to replace within a week I decided to spend a little more on something that should last longer. Initially I didn’t want to spend too much more incase I had to replace it again but I bit the bullet and got this. I was a little sceptical about spending £70 on a vaporiser particularly when I received it and couldn’t turn it on. I contacted NECTAR and they replied within half an hour and told me that I had to hold to power button for 3 seconds – not click it repeatedly as I was doing. A silly mistake from me but at least I got to see how helpful their team was. I’ve had it for about a month now I must say this is bargain for what it Is and I’m so happy I bit the bullet.. Thank you so much nectar for your support – you’ve designed an amazing piece of kit here!

  5. Louis Nicola

    Very happy! Firstly it’s really robust and solid, feels good in the hand, it’s also smaller than I imagined. The removable battery is good, it takes a while to charge (via USB) but lasts a long time, I used my samsung quick charger and it actually charged it faster. The vapour produced is excellent, very customisable. Worked best for me at around 200 degrees with a full chamber (pack it lightly and don’t grind it to oblivion). True to other reviews, I found it could get a little warm with extended use, but honestly nothing to worry about. mine has now worked without fault for a couple of months. A genuinely great quality and well engineered product, quite a rare thing these days!

  6. OTW

    Very happy with this product.. It does exactly what it say on the tin. What a great find – after looking at several different products I decided to choose this one and works just as well as my other friends vaporiser who paid over £200 for their ones. It’s simple to use, heats up very quickly, vibrates when ready, it goes to 240C and the airflow is brilliant. It’s my 4th and favourite vaporiser, one of which was the pax 3 but the nectar gold trumps it is so many ways. It doesn’t get too hot to hold like a lot of them out there and the battery is brilliant – I’ve had 6 sessions and it’s still going. I’d certainly recommend, I’m absolutely chuffed!

  7. Paula Kemp

    it was an awesomebit of kit.Easy to use ***** stars.The thing about it was that the chamber was smooth and was magnetic.

  8. B.Manson

    Really easy to use and certainly exceeds expectations for the price.

  9. Sarmour11

    Great product for price
    Great product for price. Works extremely well and would never look back after trying. Love it.

  10. Joel

    4.0 out of 5 starsWorks well and good quality
    Oven heats up very fast and display tells you everything you need to know. Love that it comes with all the equipment to clean it out properly as well. I’ve used it up to 430 degrees C and still found it didn’t become too hot to hold.
    Only thing I’m not keen on is putting stuff is the cap at the bottom is magnetically attached so if you get a bit careless you could accidentally knock it off and spill your herbs everywhere.

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