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Capabilities:      DRY HERB + Wax Illustration WAX  

The NECTAR Gold dry herb vaporizer has been designed from the ground up to offer an exceptionally flavoursome vaping experience. It can be used with dry herb or wax/resin which can now be made using our DIY Rosin Press, the Nectar Pollen Press Starter Kit. For more information on rosin presses click here.

The tastefully crafted rotating replaceable mouthpiece allows you to tuck it away keeping your vaporiser looking slick whilst maintaining a top level of hygiene. This also means you no longer need to worry about snapping or carrying a fragile mouthpiece whilst on the move.

Technical Attributes:

  • 0 to 180°C:                     15 Seconds
  • Max Temp:                      240C
  • Battery:                           3500mAh (20A)
  • Heating Chamber:        Ceramic
  • Airflow:                           Isolated
  • Charge (0-100%):        2 hours
  • Weight:                         135g
  • Portability:                    11cm x 3.7cm x 2.3cm
  • Guarantee:                     12-Months (Extendable)

The NECTAR Gold comes with everything you need to get going and comes with a standard accessories pack which includes a concentrate pad, cleaning and picking tools and a filter kit. We even have comprehensive videos on how to use the Nectar Gold and how to clean it on our support page (just click on the FAQ drop downs to see the videos).

33 in stock

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Take It Everywhere

Designed to be portable without needlessly screaming for attention. It’s a light and deceivingly powerful device that can be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Precision at it’s Best

There’s more than one purpose hence there’s more than one temperature. Select a temperature between 140C and 240C in increments of 1C to activate itemised compounds within your chosen constituents.

Simple Yet Smart

A slick yet simple design consisting of temperature up and down buttons, you can easily choose your preferred temperature – allowing you to activate itemised compounds without releasing carcinogens.


95% of people keep their NECTAR device, but just in case…
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service

109 reviews for NECTAR Gold Vaporizer

  1. Mephis1

    I want to be very clear about this – I reviewd this product earlier in the year and it was not a favourable review. I am changing my review because the issue initially was all just messed up by bad communication. I bought this for my husband as a present and he loves it. I’m very happy about that. I don’t use it. The company are so nice and I would recommend them for any of their products.

  2. Randeep Kular

    Good product

  3. Wayne

    This little vaporizer is a blessing in disguise.
    No carcinogens from burning and a great way to burn those daily herbs.

  4. Jean-Charles PASSEPONT

    It’s my first time buying this kind of product so I was a bit uncertain.
    Nonetheless this one seemed to be a good compromised between the cheap ones (with soso review) and the super expensive ones (150£+).

    But guys, am I not disappointed! Works very well, easy to handle and the vibrations are really helpful – I recommend 🙂

  5. Tubsy80

    Works really well, firstly I was upgraded to the new V2 version free of charge which was a pleasant surprise. Second, the product is fantastic, a million times better than my old one.

    Very happy with this vaporiser so far 🤘🏻.

  6. Abraham

    I bought this as a replacement for my old dry herb vape and for the price you pay, you get a lot for your money. Its noticeably easier to clean out than my old vape and the hits you take feel a lot smoother. Would recommend!

  7. Thomas White

    Great stuff

  8. Eamonn

    It does the job good vape

  9. Jessicaxmas

    Good easy to use product

  10. Ginta Lesc

    Very good product, very impressive customer service when asked for a replacement. Highly recommend this brand!

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