The NECTAR Gold Vape is designed to turn off after 5 minutes for a number of reasons including to avoid overheating, to protect the battery and as a safety measure.

Simple answer – you can press and hold the Power button and the – (minus) button at the same time.

The answer to this is completely subjective on the temperature you’re using it at, how big your lungs are and your own preference. We’d recommend around 3 rounds at approximately 180 C.

Our best advice would be to experiment with it until you find your optimum, we’d say start at around 150C and work your way up in increments of 10C until you find your preferred temp, then use it for different lengths of time to see when your herbs need changing.

The dimensions of the chamber is 5mm x 10mm x 10mm and can hold between 0.25-0.7g. We would recommend to not press/compact the dry herbs as this can cause a loss of airflow.

You can purchase our accessories pack which contains 8x oven spacers, a metallic brush, a poker and 5x cotton cleaners.

The packaging you can see will be wrapped up in a cardboard box. So when it gets posted, you wont be able to see what the item is, however, if anybody unwraps the packaging they’ll uncover the NECTAR Gold Vape packaging.

  • All of our vaporizers have been designed to be as discreet as possible hence their portable size and the decision to avoid clouds. So you should not expect any of our inhalators to act like some of the e-cigarettes you see out their producing foggy clouds of vapour. We’re in an era where some vaporizers are receiving negative press because of the amount of vapour produced invading non-vapers private space hence our decision to design discreet vaporizers. Don’t let that throw you off, clouds don’t determine whether an inhalator is working well or not.
  • Also note that you are heating a chamber in the vaporizer which is in turn heating your ingredients. Note the work heating and not burning. You shouldn’t expect too much fog/vapor, which is one of the reasons vaporizing is healthier than smoking anything that combusts.
  • Of course, we are going off our own judgement here, and have not seen your vape in detail so if your oil is not draining or your dry herbs are not going a darker colour after 3-4 sessions then feel free to send it in to us and we’ll have a look at it and if required, we’ll replace it within 24 hours.
  • If you still want more clouds then we have a couple of tips for you:
    • Leave your vape for another 20 seconds after the vape vibrates before drawing, as this gives enough time for the ingredients to heat.
    • Try to draw through the mouthpiece slowly and consistently – this always works best.

The NECTAR Gold comes with a concentrate pad allowing it to be used with concentrates and resins. To use the concentrate pad, simply insert it into the chamber and apply an amount small enough to avoid dripping over the sides of the pad once heated (as this may fall into and block the air holes in the chamber).

Simple answer: Both the mouthpiece and chamber are made from ceramic.

No – the button on the NECTAR Gold Vape should only be used to turn it on and off. Once the device reaches the desired temperature then you can just inhale.

The spacers should be placed at the bottom of the chamber (the bottom being furthest away from the chamber lid) to keep it clean and avoid clogging the air hole.

The vapour quality can be controlled by adjusting the setting in 1C increments between 100C and 240C.

The NECTAR Gold predominantly uses convection as its form to heat its chosen constituents however as the oven is in contact with some of the dry herbs then conduction also takes place as some of the heat is transferred from the oven face to the constituents.

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Yes, grinding will increase the surface area of your herb therefore increasing the rate of reaction, essentially making it easier to heat up. The same reason why its easier/faster to mix a teaspoon of sugar into a tea, then it is to mix a cube of sugar (An anology which may help you understand the ‘why’). However, ensure you do not compact the dry herbs as this allow for less room for air to pass through and will cause tighter airflow.

Please check the setting. You can switch the vibrate on/off by holding the + (plus) button.

The fluctuating is supposed to happen. The device saves battery by heating when required. This means it may temporarily stop heating for a few seconds when reached the required temp, the second it drops 1 degree, it heats again.

You simply pull it out. It’s held in place by two bearings on springs and they will give way once you start pulling the mouthpiece out.