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Pollen Press | 1.5 Ton Manual Rosin Press with LCD Display, Timer, Dual Heated Plates and 150C Max Temp (100W, 220V)

This pollen press comes with 2cm thick, 5cm x 7.6cm wide solid aluminium heating plates, a temperature range of 0 – 150℃ (at 2°C accuracy), and a compressive force of 1500kg, so you can be sure to achieve solvent-less high quality rosin press yields.

The Nectar Pollen Press is designed to give the user full plate control over the twist mechanism with a simple press to prevent any blowouts. Fit for both personal and commercial applications, the Nectar Pollen Press is transportable, weighing in at 6.5kg. Its 1.5 tons of pressure and dual heated 5cm x 7.6cm plate size are suitable for pressing all types of material.

It is our recommended pollen press for users new to rosin pressing and a great rosin press to learn with.

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Our pollen press machine, also known as a rosin press, is an efficient, effective and safe way of extracting rosin from starting materials. It combines extreme heat and pressure to force the dry herbs to liquify, producing a very concentrated and potent concentrate.

This Nectar Pollen Press kit comes with everything you need to get started! Take a look at what you get with the Nectar pollen press.


  • 1x Nectar Pollen Press (1.5T rosin press machine)
  • 2x Rosin Scrapers
  • 2x Rosin Containers
  • 50x Parchment Papers


  • Temperature range: 0-150°C
  • Max compressive force: 1.5T (1500kg)
  • Full plate control 
  • Mechanism: Dual heating plates
  • Plate thickness: 2cm 
  • Plate material: Solid aluminium
  • Plate size: 5cm x 7.6cm
  • Digital temperature control
  • Even heat distribution with micro processor precision temperature gauge
  • Digital automatic timer
  • A pollen press kit including all accessories needed to get started
  • High rosin press yields
  • Suitable for pressing a variety of starting materials
  • Suitable for those new to rosin press machines
  • Fit for both personal and commercial applications
  • Portable and transportable
  • Extensive operating manual including top tips for pressing the best rosin
  • 1 year warranty on rosin press and accessories


  • Electrical: 220 volts | 100 watts
  • Shipping dimensions: 30cm x 13.5cm x 27.5cm 
  • Weight: 10kg


Temperature and Time

  • Dry Sift – Prime temperature: 74C to 90C, Heating time: 60s to 130s
  • Flower – prime temperature: 87C to 105C, Heating time: 30 to 220s

Filter Bag Size

  • 25U* – Fine materials such as dry sift
  • 100U* – Flower; results in best filtration and highest quality output with some reduction in yield
  • 160U* – Flower; good balance between yield and quality

*U = Micron Size 

Nectar Pollen Press Return & Warranty Policy: No returns on any sales are permitted, all presses now come with a one year warranty, which begins upon product delivery. During that time we will supply parts free of charge, for anything that breaks. If the press is damaged beyond repair and requires a return, we will cover the cost of shipping and send out a new machine. 

Same day dispatch except on holidays and weekends. 

Pollen Twist

If you want a pollen press with bigger plates and higher temperatures check out our Nectar Pollen Twist. It has a plate size of 6cm x 12cm and temperatures up to 250°c, and is suitable for those who want a press that fits onto a counter-top and don’t want to hook up an air compressor.

9 reviews for Pollen Press – DIY Rosin Press Kit

  1. Max

    Great press, the yield being just over 20%, easy to use, doesn’t take up too much space, came with all accessories necessary to get going so you don’t need to spend more money on extras and the instructions manual was very useful and gives suggestions for temperatures according to the material being used. Would highly recommend

  2. M

    Excellent product, high quality and easy to use. Works really well. The customer service was really good, had detailed guidance and support when needed through message or email. Highly recommend this product, especially with the strong customer service.

  3. Oliver

    Such a good machine, it produces good yields and is very simple to use. I’ve had one of the more expensive ones not to name n shame, and this performs just as well if not better

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