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Capabilities:      DRY HERB + Wax Illustration WAX  

The Nectar Platinum vaporizer uses the largest capacity vape battery available on the market. The high drain battery has the capability to discharge a larger amount of current designed to push more voltage, so you get more power when you need it. It can be used with both dry herbs and/or wax, which can now be made using our DIY Rosin Press, the Nectar Pollen Press Starter Kit. Click here for more information on rosin presses.

Technical Attributes:

  • 0 to 180°C:                     15 Seconds
  • Max Temp:                      240C
  • Battery:                           3500mAh (20A)
  • Heating Chamber:        Ceramic
  • Airflow:                           Isolated
  • Charge (0-100%):        2 hours
  • Guarantee:                     5 Years (Extendable)

The Nectar Platinum vaporizer comes with everything you need to get going and comes with a standard accessories pack which includes a concentrate pad, cleaning and picking tools and a filter kit.

(Upgrades in relation to the Nectar Gold: Upgrade 1: Increased Airflow (Larger Ceramic Mouthpiece + Larger Airflow Holes). Upgrade 2: Larger Battery (Battery Capacity Increased from 3000mah to 3500mah). Upgrade 3: Blackout Design (Blackout OLED + Flush Buttons. Upgrade 4: Upgraded Charging Port. Upgrade 5: Reinforced Ceramic Mouthpiece. Upgrade 6: Curves (Rounded Edges and Buttons). Upgrade 7: Upgraded Battery Clip).

248 in stock

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Beautifully Portable

The Nectar Platinum blackout OLED display, flush buttons and curvaceous design make it a thing of beauty, a lightweight yet sturdy device with an inconspicuous design allowing it to be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Cool Vapour Production

The ceramic chamber uses convection to evenly vaporise herbs which then feeds the vapour through an isolated airflow path and then a zirconia mouthpiece to ensure cool vapour and a flavour to impress.


The Nectar Platinum uses the largest capacity high drain vape battery available on the market, not to just last longer, but to heat your dry herbs in an undisputed heat up time of 15s to 140C (and 45s to 240C).


95% of people keep their NECTAR device, but just in case…
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service

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