PollenEasier Mini Grinder (40mm)


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The herb grinder has been engineered with high grade aluminium to provide a durable set of diamond shaped teeth ensuring a quality grind.

  • PollenEasier by NECTAR: Our Premium aluminium 4 piece herb grinders mill a variety of dry herb and spices into a fluffy light consistency without blockage unlike the inferior zinc alloy models.
  • Precision Cutting No Waste: When you use the PollenEasier grinder, you will agree with us that it is the best on the market, sturdy yet light with sharp diamond shaped teeth reducing time and effort grinding herbs.
  • Strong Magnetic Lid: The strong magnetic lid sits firmly with a tight fit whether upside down or in pocket, grippers around the lid aid in grinding.
  • Micron Screen and Mini Scraper: The micron ultra fine mesh catches fine particles in the chamber
  • Designed & Made in the UK

12 in stock


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