PollenEasier Mini Grinder (40mm)


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The PollenEasier 40mm mini grinder is made from high grade aluminium to provide a durable set of diamond shaped teeth ensuring a quality grind.

  • 4 Piece mini grinder: The 40mm Nectar PollenEasier mini grinder is a premium aluminium with 4 pieces. It mills a variety of dry herb and spices to be milled into a fluffy light consistency without blocking up, unlike inferior zinc alloy grinder models.
  • Precision cutting and no waste: It’s a sturdy yet light mini grinder and the sharp diamond-shaped teeth reduce time and effort when grinding herbs. When you use the grinder you’ll agree it’s one of the best mini grinder out there. 
  • Strong magnetic lid: Whether upright or upside down, the strong magnetic lid sits firmly in place, with the  grippers designed to aid in grinding.
  • Micron screen and mini scraper: The mini grinder comes with an ultra fine mesh which catches fine particles in the chamber.
  • The PollenEasier 40mm mini grinder is designed & made in the UK.

8 in stock


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If you’re looking for a larger grinder take a look at the Nectar 55mm PollenEasier herb grinder.

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