Glass Water Bubbler


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Water Bubblers are a cross between bongs and pipes. Similarly to bongs, Bubblers use water for filtration, but have the advantage of portability like a smoking pipe.

The NECTAR Water Bubbler is much smaller than a conventional bong and comes with a connection allowing you to attach it to any NECTAR Dry Herb Vaporiser to create an enhanced portable water filtered experience which involved cooling the vapour in the process.

Other Information

  • Quality: Precision cut Mini Glass Water Bubbler to be used with the NECTAR v2 and NECTAR Gold.
  • Functionality: The Glass Water Bubbler allows you to inhale via filtered water thus cooling vapour intake for your NECTAR v2 & NECTAR Gold.
  • Contents: 1x Medicinal Grade Glass Bubbler + 1x Rubber Tube + 1x NECTAR Vaporiser Connection + 1x Bubbler Connection.
  • Note: The NECTAR v2 & NECTAR Gold kits do NOT come with a Glass Water Pipe Adapter.
  • Designed and Built in the UK.

17 in stock


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