Nectar Platinum Cooling Unit (Replacement)


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The Nectar Platinum Cooling Unit is a detachable and therefore replaceable part of the Nectar Platinum vaporizer. It contains everything required to cool your vapour and deliver a flavoursome experience. It includes the ceramic filter, rubber holder and filter, cooling unit base and ceramic mouthpiece.

There are three filters which should be regularly cleaned or changed. Two of them (rubber holder filter and ceramic filter) are contained within the Cooling Unit. They are there to stop feedback and to avoid residue from blocking the Ceramic Mouthpiece. The third filter (chamber filter) is placed in the chamber on the device itself and is there to stop flower from falling into the air intake and therefore avoid the airflow blocking up.

  • Quality: Precision cut Cooling Unit (includes the ceramic filter) to be used with the Nectar Platinum.
  • Use: The Cooling Unit should be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol regularly to avoid any sort of buildup.
  • Contents: 1x Cooling Unit (Includes: 1x Ceramic Mouthpiece, 1x Ceramic Filter, 1x Rubber Holder and Filter, 1x Silicone Casing Filter Mesh).
  • Note: The Nectar Platinum already comes with a Cooling Unit; this is an extra. A Cooling Unit may be required if your existing one is damaged or left uncleaned for prolonged periods.
  • Designed and Made in the UK.

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