Nectar Platinum Rubber Holder + Filter (Replacement)


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The Nectar Platinum Rubber Holder is a replacement accessory part which holds the ceramic filter. It can be detached by simply pulling it out of the bottom side of the Cooling Unit. Moreover, it can be cleaned by using pipe cleaners dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol and then washed out with warm water.

Warning: Soaking the rubber holder in Isopropyl Alcohol for more than 60 seconds may cause it to deform.

  • Quality: Rubber holder (+ precision cut filter) to be used with the Nectar Platinum vaporizer.
  • Functionality: The rubber holder holds in place the filters within the mouthpiece top.
  • Contents: 1x Rubber Holder + 1x Rubber Holder Filter.
  • Note: The Nectar Platinum already comes with a rubber holder; this is an extra.
  • Designed and Made in the UK.

Out of stock

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