Nectar Platinum Concentrate Pad


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Wax Illustration CONCENTRATE

This concentrate pad gives the Nectar Platinum its 2-in-1 functionality by allowing it to be used with concentrates, waxes and resins.

To use the concentrate pad, simply lift off the cooling unit, insert the pad into the chamber and apply a pea-sized amount of concentrate onto the pad.

  • Quality: Precision cut Concentrate Pad to be used with the Nectar Platinum
  • Functionality: Using this concentrate pads allows you to use the Nectar Platinum with resins and concentrates
  • Contents: 1x Concentrate Pad
  • Note: The Nectar Platinum already comes with a Concentrate Pad; this is an extra
  • Important: Overfilling may cause the concentrate to overflow over the pad and into the chamber’s air holes

8 in stock

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