We began by asking ourselves how on earth did dry herbs become associated with negative outcomes like mental and physical health problems, when the opposite is much closer to the truth.

We found that one of the factors contributing to the stigma with dry herbs spawned from the negative effects resulting from the traditional method of combining herbs with tobacco products and then combusting them. We’re in an era now where technology advances allow us to enjoy and utilise earth’s natural elixirs in their purest form by the purest means possible.

With NECTAR® you avoid nicotine and all of the harmful substances produced by smoking tobacco, such as tar and carbon monoxide by simply using a dry herb vaporiser to vaporiser your herb as opposed to burning it. Moreover, all of our vaporisers heat through convection meaning the vaporiser purely heats the dry herb / loose leaf.

You now have one of, if not the healthiest methods to enjoying nature’s elixirs; in the palm of your hands.

A Healthy Way Of Enjoying and Utilising Nature’s Elixirs In Their Purest Form…